Gameplay Journal Entry #6

In this series on YouTube produced by A+ Start, the player goes into glitches found in the Sonic The Hedgehog 2 game. At around 1:50, the player goes into the process of a glitch. found where you’re able to effectively “die” in a certain point, but then you come back to live with an additional 255 lives. I chose this video game glitch, because of the changes in aesthetic and conceptual changes it makes to the players experience. Glitches often change the user’s perspective of a digital platform, and in this case, it’s a Sonic video game.

The hack discovered in this game is not new to those in the gaming or computing world. Glitches are often found in two ways — in an effort to enhance gameplay (like the video shown above), and are sometimes intentional, or they’re discovered by error cause frustration to the user. Sometimes, “Hacking or repurposing of media technologies to unveil their inherent mechanisms” is common in gameplay (Ferreira 121). Throughout the combined glitches, aesthetic transformations and procedural runarounds, players and developers alike will always learn to grow and adapt using glitches.

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